Exploring New Zealand’s Automotive Industry and the Importance of Car Maintenance

red ferrari sports car in a white room

New Zealand’s automotive industry has been on a steady incline the last few years, with a particular focus on promoting greener and more efficient cars. As Kiwis increasingly prioritize convenience and efficiency in their daily lives, the automotive industry has become an integral part of the country’s infrastructure.

The Automotive Industry in New Zealand

The automotive industry in New Zealand is a key player in the global market, showing steady growth in the last few years. According to the Automobile Association of New Zealand (AA), motor vehicle registrations have increased by 4.2% in the last five years. Additionally, the number of imported cars has risen considerably, reaching approximately 140,000 vehicles in 2019. This indicates that New Zealanders not only want to own cars, but are also interested in purchasing fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly models.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) also notes that the number of electric vehicles is increasing, with more than 10,000 electric vehicles registered in the country. This is an important milestone in New Zealand’s commitment to transitioning to low-emission vehicles. The government is actively encouraging the use of electric vehicles, with various grants and incentives offered to those who switch to an electric car.

The Importance of Car Maintenance

New Zealanders are increasingly investing in modern cars, so it’s important to maintain them properly in order to keep them running well. Proper car maintenance is essential for preserving the longevity of your car and keeping it in good running condition. Routine maintenance should include checking your car’s oil and filters, inspecting brakes and brake lines regularly, and having your tyres rotated and checked for wear.

Other parts of car maintenance include:

  • Checking your car’s fluids – Certain fluids in your car, such as engine oil, coolant and brake fluid, should be checked regularly
  • Cleaning and polishing – Cleaning and polishing your car regularly can keep it looking good and help to protect the paintwork

Regular car maintenance can help you save money in the long run by preventing expensive repairs and services. It can also help to improve your car’s overall performance, as well as the environment by reducing emissions.

Choosing a Car Maintenance Provider in New Zealand

When it comes to car maintenance, New Zealand offers a wide range of services and providers. Choosing the right service provider is important, as it can help you save both time and money. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a reputable provider – Make sure to check the credentials of your chosen provider, such as the Automobile Association of New Zealand (AA) membership
  • Get a quote – Get quotes from a few different providers to compare and make sure you get the best deal
  • Check the warranty period – Ask about the warranty period and what it covers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money

Whether you’re looking for a full service or just need some basic preventative maintenance, finding the right provider can help you stay on top of your car’s maintenance needs.


New Zealand’s automotive industry is growing rapidly, meaning more vehicles on the roads and in need of constant maintenance. Knowing the importance of car maintenance and being diligent about getting regular services can help you keep your car running in tip-top condition, as well as save you money in the long run. Choosing the right provider is essential, as they can advise you on the best thing to do for your car and help you stay on top of your car’s maintenance needs.