Stopping GIB: A Guide to Finding the Right GIB Stopper in Auckland

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Do you live in Auckland and have a problem with GIBs? If so, then you need to find the right GIB stopper in Auckland. This guide will provide invaluable advice on how to stop GIBs, allowing you to enjoy your home again and save money on energy bills. GIBs are common in New Zealand homes and it’s important to identify and rectify them quickly to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Identifying GIBs

The first step is to identify any potential GIBs in your home. While most people believe that these gaps are only found around windows and doors, they can actually occur anywhere where two materials meet: walls and ceilings, exterior walls and foundations, floors, roofs, etc. They can also be located around electrical outlets, air ducts, vents and other items with pipes or wiring.

You can detect a GIB by feeling for cold air or drafts coming from a specific area. You may also notice large variations in temperature across a room or increased heating bills due to heat escaping from the gap. If you detect either of these signs, then it is time to call a professional for an inspection.

Choosing the Right GIB Stopper

Once you’ve identified the location of your GIBs, it’s time to choose the right solution for stopping them. There are numerous materials available on the market including:

  • Foam sealants: These come in various shapes and sizes and are designed to fill gaps around doors and windows.
  • Weatherstripping: A great solution for sealing drafty doorways or windows.

If your GIB is larger than 25mm wide then you should consider using expanding foam insulation or batt insulation as both of these products are effective at filling wider gaps while providing additional thermal protection. It is also important to use high-quality products as inferior ones may cause further damage if installed improperly.

Finally, if you’re concerned about aesthetics then there are many decorative solutions that can help hide unsightly gaps such as moulding or trim pieces. These solutions may not be as effective at blocking drafts but can still improve the overall look of your home.

Finding the Right Professional in Auckland

When it comes to installing GIB stoppers in Auckland there are numerous professionals available to help. It is important to find someone who has experience dealing with similar issues as this will ensure that your project is completed correctly and safely. Here are a few tips for finding the right person for the job:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Check online reviews. This can give you an idea of what type of service previous customers have received.
  • Make sure they are certified. Most reputable contractors will be able to provide proof that they have been trained in their chosen field.

It is also important to discuss your project with several different professionals before making any decisions. Ask questions such as how long the process will take, any additional costs involved (e.g., materials), whether there is a guarantee on their workmanship, etc. Once you have selected a contractor make sure that everything is spelled out clearly in writing so that there are no misunderstandings down the track.


Now that you understand more about GIB stoppers it’s time to start searching for one that meets your needs in Auckland. Ask friends and family for recommendations, read online reviews, make sure the professional is certified, discuss the project thoroughly with several professionals before making a decision, and ensure everything is written down clearly before beginning work on your home.